Empath Life : Are you a light bringer?


The candle flickers in the wind, the wick shines its light, and cast a shadow in the darkness. This dance between light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, comes from the same source of Divine Order, Oneness of the Universe. I never understood it before, but now, I realize, there is always a balance.

I may not, be able to see it, but it is has run my entire life. I look back at my memories, for every nasty, abusive person, I encountered, filled with prejudice and hate, I was met with the comfort, of someone to wipe my tears, someone to hug and hold me. This balance, I have lived my entire life, I see the fruits of it, and I embrace it.

I am again, changing, I feel it, I sense it, I embrace it. I accept what I cannot speak, I can only share, that…

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