Thoughts on Climate Barbie

Really? Don’t do what I do, just pay your Carbon Tax.

Anti-Propaganda News

Canada’s Minister of the Environment, Catherine McKenna, doesn’t seem to understand how she got the nickname #ClimateBarbie. For starters, she tweeted publicity photos of herself on a bicycle wearing high heels and a short dress. She doesn’t seem to understand that this was insulting, offensive, or just plain stupid to female cyclists, across the country. How many women cycle to work wearing heels and a dress?

She lost a lot of respect and credibility with those photos, and has done little to regain it. She typically comes across as a crybaby, and is unable to debate the merits of her portfolio.

She could earn some respect and credibilily by acting like an adult an discussing the merits of climate change and carbon taxes, but she evidently falls into that category of leftists who have lost the abiity to debate.

Said another way, if she would quit providing comedic…

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