The Rainbow of Human Emotion in Times of Duress and Uncertainty [video] ~ June 27, 2018


This is an extremely valid post from Starship Earth detailing the dark swarm of hate all over Planet Earth. Although I no longer have faith in Cobra and his message, I still feel the compression of humanity between forces of the Light and the dark as we all are squeezed by our own internal issues as well as all of those geo-political scenarios we are subjects of.

Let’s remember that the dark do serve a valid purpose. How could humanity know the tremendous beauty of love and joy unless we have some point of comparison? Would we rise to this occasion if the deeds of the dark were not this dastardly?

So…let’s keep the faith we have in the best of humanity, know that humanity is comprised of hardy folk who will/are weathering this current storm. Please read this post, know that the truth is that you ARE loved, and…

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