Freedom, Control, The Lights Are On, The Darkness Will End ~ June 27, 2018

That judge doesn’t know squat. Most of the children coming to the border with adults are NOT with their parents. They have been sold to or stolen by “coyotes” (gang members) to be used in human trafficking across the border like has been going on for decades. This order will NOT solve the illegal immigration issue. Congress needs to work on it and the Democrats are refusing to cooperate. They’re in for a big surprise coming soon…


Judge rules Trump has 30 days to reunite all families. DOJ won’t release top secret documents to congress, this looks like it is RR who is stuck and he will be screwed no matter what he does. Afghan President wants to meet the Taliban leaders to discuss peace. Deep state and the central banks want forces in Libya to return the oil fields. Trump will sanction any country that purchases oil from Iran. Syrian armed forces push south and more rebels surrender, it is all falling apart for the deep state. Q drops more bread crumbs and explains what is about to happen, dark will turn to light and the people of Iran will push for freedom from the corruption in their country.

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