Feeling – The Portal Back To Essence

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

We only struggle with attachment to lesser things, because of our loss of familiarity with the greater things that we once knew, but struggle to remember.

Most of us have no conscious recall of those greater things, and those of us who do, must be patient with what feels like a very slow pace to a part of us who just wants to ‘fully remember already!’ Yet, the evidence is plain; only someone who’s suffered loss could attach to and treasure so intensely things that don’t really nourish.

Whether it’s a relationship with friend, mate, or family, or an attachment to a geography, or a house, or a career, we increasingly feel it as a stuck place that wants to relate without the intense attachment if we could only find a way to loosen up.

This kind of tight gripping that doesn’t allow much room for breathing…

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