As Temperatures Soar…

Bealtaine Cottage ~ 14 years of Goddess Permaculture in the West of Ireland


Ireland has entered an unprecedented heatwave.

IMG_7367Temperatures are up in the late 20s and reaching as high as 32C.

IMG_7368This spells bad news for farmers who have struggled over extreme weather conditions during recent years.

IMG_7369Silage for meat production is under stress, as are crops.

IMG_7370Farmers in the crop producing areas are reporting expected losses of up to 50%.

IMG_7371We should not be surprised.

IMG_7372The climate change model seems to be playing out much as was predicted.

IMG_7373Food production or lack of it, has historically been the force behind the fall of empires and civilisations.

IMG_7374Mother Earth has been stressed and stretched beyond endurance and we are beginning to experience the results of that.

IMG_7375I have made a video this morning in relation to my observations…

IMG_7376On another subject, I am not writing about my transition from my 100 Day juice Fast at the present.

IMG_7377I will write about this…

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