Mystic Geosian Cosmology ~ June 26, 2018


Interdimensional Factual Geosema

Mystic Geosian Cosmology. By Interstellar Alphaomeghic Druid.

Understanding the Infinitive Alphaomeghic Time.

From the mystical-pragmatical and oneiric perceptions of an Interstellar Alphaomeghic Guardian.

The interdimensional centers of planetary energy force from the 25th dimension up to the 144th dimension will open the Alphaomeghic Time, the spherical infinite time.

In parallel, the continuum time, the astronomical cycles, the astrological cycles, the gravity, the old financial, scientific, religious and cultural models will be destructured.

These factors will contribute to the awakening of the Pineal Gland (rewiring of the Psisis of the Soul) and alchemization of the brain alpha, beta, theta, delta and epsilon waves.

Several interdimensional centers of planetary energy force, reawakening, will activate the Gonostic Lines (gonostic energy lines) that oversee the so-called “Ley Lines” in the coming decades.

The supporting structure of the Gonostic Lines consists of two groups of Geosian Interdimensional Force portals.

Each of…

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