Who is the Godwriter? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, rest assured, Godwriting is not a statement that your individuality puts together. Godwriting consists as a statement lightly pumped into you, the individual you appear to be. My Words slip out from you of themselves, and then you are dubbed as a Godwriter, a God-receiver, a God-blessing, as well as One Who blesses God Himself. What is a servant of God but a blessing? What is God but a servant?

To Godwrite, all you have to do is to lightly pick up a sense of My thoughts or utterances. Sometimes, My thoughts may also just burst out from you with nothing getting in the way, as if there is nothing in between My thoughts and your receiving them.

Bear in mind and in your heart that Godwriting is no big deal. When you wake up in the morning and hear birds singing, no one thinks you are…

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