The Expanding Energies WILL Collapse by the Equinox. Wake Up Events in Store too.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

the light of waking

Wow, spirit is not pulling any punches at all these days.  To the degree, when they are redirecting you in whatever way is needed, the energy enters one of my power centers (chakras) for emphases.  I had one yesterday come thru my sacral chakra (sense of Self in the world) and start talking so fast I had to play rewind in my memory just to catch everything.  Let me set this particular reading up before I share that (smile.)

As most people are in the field, my lady was standing near the solstice pole (which I see as about a 20 foot magnetic pole) when suddenly the ground she was standing on opened up and sucked her down, created a U shape that went behind the solstice pole.  Where the other side of this U shape was (behind the solstice pole) it started emitting this really pretty energy, in the…

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