Empath : Breaking up – letting go


Every love journey, has a story. The story begins with a longing heart, an ache, that cannot be quenched by food or water, this deep ache for love. Love, she has kissed many but, she longs for her Lover, the one that will sweep her heart away, the one that will kiss her, so her knees buckle, her senses become intoxicated with his/her scent and she falls deeply in love with this person. A love so deep, she shares her soul.

The person she loves, feels like completion, a piece of the puzzle is complete.

Years go by and the love is Grounded in a solid foundation of Respect, Understanding and Care.

Slowly, the pieces unravel, in the relationship.

A lack of understanding, A lack of love, they no longer, sleep in the same bed, they argue all the time, and the flower of Love, seems to have wilted and…

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