Truth News Headlines Evening June 24, 2018

American Intelligence Media

Obama spied with binocularsOBAMA SPIED ON TRUMP


Obama’s Cyber Chief: Susan Rice Gave ‘Stand Down’ Order In Response To Russian Meddling



illegal invasion


Trump Calls For “Immediate” Deportations Of Illegals With “No Judges Or Court Cases”


There are 10 US Consulates in Mexico that Mexican citizens can go to in order to seek asylum. They can also start the process of legal citizenship and won’t be killed, raped, robbed or separated from their families like most are by gangs when trying to cross illegally.

— The Sicilian, but not god (@TweetOfTriston) June 24, 2018


TT 6-24-18 1TT 6-24-18-2TT 6-24-18 3


Just a little reminder of Clinton’s racketeering operation which is one of the things the Mueller Investigation is trying to hide.

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department



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