Kilauea Eruption Update 6-22-18… “We probably will not ever return” (Jaggar Museum has closed)… (and my “get” on why this is happening)

That scattered, discordant energy coming from tourists is present in just about any place in the woods, especially sacred places. No connection to the elements… Pele is indeed taking care of those who have abused her sacred lands of Hawai’i…

Kauilapele's Blog

This KHON video shows how the viewing platform for Kilauea and Halema’uma’u, the Thomas Jaggar Museum and observatory, has closed, and items are being removed. That has been one of the key places for my own energy work and ceremonies, although much of mine had to do with clearing “frantic (and unconnected energetically in any way shape or form to Pele) unconscious tourist energies”. I believe the Spirit of Pele has just taken care of that. There will be no more tourists at Halemaumau (or at least at the observatory area).

It was clear to me in March, 2008, when Halemaumau blew the vent hole and destroyed the tourist overlook there, that a process had begun to “clear out” the “insult tourists” (those unconnected energetically in any way shape or form to Pele’s energies (or those who just want to stand around and take pictures and chatter chatter chatter endlessly))…

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