Hawai’i: The Back Story [video] ~ June 23, 2018

And that is why the FEMA barges are 10 miles off the coast of Hawai’i, just waiting to claim victims of a major created disaster… never to reappear again…


Thanks to Starship Earth for helping us understand the truth of the matter! Think Deep State in the US magnified by 1000, and then you will begin to understand the desperation of the dark as they realize they WILL lose control of Planet Earth. Nothing is beyond them as they plan to sink Hawai’i and Planet Earth!

They do not understand the power of Love however, so we shall see how this all plays out. My personal intuition tells me next week is important (June 24 – 30). So…please read this short report, watch the video, think about this and inner You, and…



This video is an excellent, excellent account of what is and has gone on, and why. While a portion of an interview with Dr. Michael Salla is a near repetition to one I already shared, the rest is new and well worth your time if…

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