The Urgency to Shift



When we can collectively envision a sustainable and satisfying pathway into the future, then can we begin to construct that future consciously. We need to draw upon our collective wisdom and discover images of the future that awaken our enthusiasm for evolution and mobilize our social energies.

Who we become as a planetary civilization will depend directly upon our actions as a global community of individuals. We each have unique talents—and correspondingly unique responsibilities—for participating in the unfolding of life. The awakening of the Earth now depends directly upon the citizens of the Earth acting in concert with one another to build the foundations of a sustainable future.

~ Duane Elgin.

We are asked to be the embodiment of LOVE, PEACE and ABUNDANCE. More than words, we require silence togetherness and faith to begin our NEW EARTH UNITY in a practical way. How many lightworkers currently either arrived or at…

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