We assist you as equals

Love's beginning

We speak to you as your equals, sisters and brothers. Notice during the day whenever you feel less-than and whenever you feel tempted to look upon another as less-than. Notice the pain. Notice the contraction. It’s time to let go of that. So just notice. And remember your willingness to release into remembrance. You are never improving yourself. You are simply remembering who you are, and as you do so, it gets easier. It seems harder right before you break through into another layer of remembrance, and then it gets easier again. Layer after layer after layer. We’re going to encourage you to keep moving through into remembrance.

We invite you to set an intention now to let the remembrance of our equality–ours and yours, yours and the rest of your fellow humans on Earth, yours and and that of all beings across time and space–to come online consistently in…

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