Summer Solstice 2018: Deepen Your Healing — INtegrate Your Spirituality With Your Humanity

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

The consistently high energy LOVE waves coming in have felt like they’re bringing up heaviness… you may be feeling them physically like suddenly gravity is getting more intense and you could be experiencing headaches, body aches, tiredness around it too. On top of this, intense emotions seem to be bubbling up, memories of traumas that you thought you had already moved through and healed, which you probably DID move through and heal on some layer inside of you, are coming up to remind you that your journey isn’t over yet. There really is no finality to your healing journey — especially as these energies ramp up and invite you even deeper into integrating all you’re awakening to WITH your humanity and daily life.

Ascension is an invitation to be in our humanity, to remember its sacred role, to be with the parts and Metasoul Aspects that are…

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