Solstice Energy Gifts from Arcturus


About solstices and equinoxes: “…they are potent opportunities for energizing the Oneness and Harmony frequencies. The guides explained that by having us focus on honoring and celebrating our connection with our one-Moon, One-Sun and one-Earth on these occasions, we naturally reinforce the collective intention for unity to prevail in our physical realities.” Source:  ‘Be One with Mother Earth on this Equinox‘ posted 21 Sept 2017.


Recounting Rhythm Masterclass experience:

As both the channel and a participant, my experience at Saturday’s Rhythm Masterclass could be described as intensely still and deeply penetrating into my core.

It was love at first hearing when my Arcturian guides decided to name the workshop Rhythm. I was immensely impressed when they subsequently revealed that Rhythm, chosen as the title, referred to both the vibratory sound patterns of the 7th dimensional Arcturus system (As Above) and the pulse of…

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