Nature Walks – A Walk in Wako


Cattle Egret in breeding plumage

Nature Walks – A Walk in Wakodahatchee

It’s been a difficult year with the incoming energies exacerbating any physical difficulties or conditions.  And the rainy season has been truly living up to its name, with sometimes nearly daily multiple thunderstorms and cells moving through the area.  As a consequence, I haven’t been out as much this spring.   Today, however, I managed to get out on a nice walk to one of my favorite nearby wetlands to catch a little of the tail-end of nesting season at Wakodahatchee.  The sun was beating down, the humidity high, but I managed to get a couple of laps around the boardwalk, taking in the remaining bird families, the huge new growth in the marsh plants, as well as a sky devoid of any looming dark gray storm clouds.  Here are some photos from the walk:


Tri-colored Heron, a common inhabitant of the marshlands.


Fledging Cattle Egret by Eliza Ayres




Contemplation by Eliza Ayres


Great Blue Heron cooling off by Eliza Ayres


Basilisk Lizard – this species can run on its hind legs!


Black-bottomed Whistling Duck


Marsh Bunny


Long-legged Tri-colored Heron

Here are some photos from another walk I took last week, this time to Green Cay:


Turtle and Palm



Marsh Hibiscus


Fledging Marsh Hen


Great Egret

That’s it for now, folks.  Now that I’m feeling better I hope to get out more.

Happy Solstice wherever you are located on the planet!


Eliza Ayres


9 thoughts on “Nature Walks – A Walk in Wako

  1. Super photos, thank you, Eliza! So glad you’re feeling better. I want to thank you for your reply to me under another article yesterday… much appreciated. Seems I’m a bit woozy from the physical challenges of ascension and… here where I am in the Canadian Southwest… from the heat. Thanks again for all that you do for Gaia. Love, B.

    • My sister and I have been registering the incoming waves. It feels rather like standing in a chaotic sea with waves washing around and over us. Feeling woozy is not unusual. I tend to get “sleepy” and need extra naps or wake up in the middle of the night!

  2. Great to see your photos, so different from the wild life in England. Solstice blessings to you and your sister, may you both be well x

    • Thank you, Ann. The wildlife here is also different from what I’m more used to in the Pacific Northwest (USA).

  3. I always feel as if I am right there with you when viewing your beautiful pictures! Maybe I will be again in the nearing future dear Sister Sunny (aka Cmdr. Sundeelia)! I love you and am so grateful that you are here.

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