2 thoughts on “GAIA ASCENSION FORERUNNER: “Last Call — You Don’t Have to Go Home, But Ya Can’t Stay Here”

  1. I sometimes wonder if Gaia wants to ascend. We seem to have assumed that She/He does and thus we do our best to make that happen. No one has asked Gaia, to my knowledge, but then I tend to believe that what may be needed is an acknowledgement of Gaia in her 3D expression that She/He is loved and appreciated… just like we humans need… tough to go it alone… and perhaps that is what Ascension means. Nothing to do with dimensions and Masters and Angels and ET’s… just a simple acknowledgement that we are always supported by Gaia and express our appreciation to Her/Him because we know we are. Just a thought. Love, B.

    • Gaia is feminine and yes, she does want to ascend. It was her that send out a call for help, for assistance, long ago which resulted in the present build-up of the presence of positive Galactic ships in the Solar System. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING in this particularly low density frequency takes MUCH longer to outplay on the screen of Life, far longer than it would in 5D and higher… hence the origin of much frustration for some lightworkers. Learn to let go of that frustration that works against your own soul evolution. The “ascension” will happen when it will happen. And from what I know and have been told the blessed Gaia has specifically requested that as many of her children, humanity, be preserved in the process. Since few are truly ready now to take that leap in consciousness the process will be slower than what is desired by many…of those who regard themselves as already highly evolved. Humility, grace, dedication, perseverance, and quiet service to others without expectation of reward will forward your (not “you” specifically, Barb) soul growth. Relax and enjoy the opportunity of several lifetimes to be on hand to witness what has NEVER taken place EVER ANYWHERE else in any quadrant of Creation… the ascension of an entire planet and her people… and all life upon her.

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