This is a very interesting report…and one I totally agree with!  A few years ago, I lived in Fort Mohave, AZ which is not too far from the Hoover Dam and now, I AM very glad to have moved. I reiterate the claim of Sean in this report…the “woo-woo” spiritual stuff is very real!

Dark forces know of the power of the mind and heart and are educated in ways and means (black magic) to manipulate matter. Observe a video of Pres. Bush sitting in a classroom of young children when informed of 9/11 happening. What was happening? The children were chanting while Bush was seemingly in somewhat of a daze.

Light Forces rely on the power of the mind and the heart to manipulate matter as well (manifestation), the only problem is…we, the ordinary human were never taught of our inherent power which currently places mere mortals in a…

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