SAINT GERMAIN – LET PEACE BREAK OUT – by Goldfish Report #234 – via The Way Of Love Blog – 6-17-18

St. Germain is a High Priest of the Order of Zadkiel. Archangel Zadkiel’s Twin Flame, Holy Lady Amethyst was the one who brought the sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation to Earth and anchored it on the High Altar of the Temple of Purification, an Etheric Retreat located above Cuba. Saint German is no longer the Chohan of the 7th Ray, but the Maha Chohan and is the sponsor of the new Golden Age. Saint German was instructed by the Great Divine Director, Master R, in his retreat over Transylvania. Saint Germain is of Pleiadian descent and incarnated several times on Earth.

Higher Density Blog

On The GoldFish Report No. 234– Louisa welcomes back Dr. Scott Werner and Winston Shrout to discuss a message from St. Germain about Unity and Peace. On the heels of the historic Peace Deal between the U.S and North Korea, the proverbial pebble has been thrown into the pond by the Global announcement of this historic peace deal that also Unites North and South Korea, and mends fences with its neighbors in China, Russia and Japan.  This ‘pebble’ has sent ripples of unity and peace throughout the world. Likewise, St. Germain wishes to see humanity begin a “Movement of Unity” whereby people are Unified in Action and Intent

Lest anyone think the experience Dr. Werner and his wife had while driving to Mt. Shasta is false,  I can share a very similar story.  I was waiting for the red light to change to green so I could turn left…

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