IMPORTANT VIDEO: About “Those Wal-Marts” and Senator Merkley: Another Backfire & Time to Get Busy [video] ~ June 15, 2018

Obama Legacy…the Democrats continue to refuse to negotiate on real emigration legislation.


As I said when Merkley went to Brownsville and asked for a tour of the former Wal-Mart, he may have gone with the intent to skewer President Trump.

The cabal just never learn and they used CNN to bring this situation to the attention of Americans. Okay, so now it’s out there, and we KNOW President Trump is not to blame for this situation.

It began under President Obama. President Trump has had his hands full and funded the wall to prevent children from winding up in facilities like this in USA. He did what he could to quickly put a stop to it and come up with long-term prevention.

Let’s see how Americans respond to this. Jonathan is calling for Americans to boycott Wal-Marts, even though this facility is no longer a Wal-Mart location. He feels hitting the cabal in the bank account is the way to make a…

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