Possible Big Intel Drop for June 14-15—Heads Up, America | Net4TruthUSA [video] ~ June 13, 2018


Breathtaking news…thanks to StarShip Earth! Sit back, listen, and…



I haven’t had covfefe with Dave for awhile (Net4ruthUSA), and something told me to have a boo at his channel. Lo and behold, he has some urgent stuff there—and told his subs to subscribe to Urban Moving channel—as I have recommended my readers do.

Dave is a veteran, and he featured a video about Timothy Holmseth being arrested on June 6. Holmseth is a key witness in a major child trafficking court case.  If you recall, Timothy Holmseth did a video I shared outing Craig Sawyer this week. Timothy Holmseth is not popular with the Deep State.

Are you connecting the dots, folks?

The newest video from Dave for me delivered a real zinger, and it was so important to get it out that Dave uploaded it it at midnight last night when everyone else in his house was…

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