Message from Ashtar ~ June 14, 2018


Message from Ashtar. June 12 2018. By Tom Price.

This is an official transmission from your Galactic Federation of Light, your 5D Commander Ashtar.

Dear ones, we are sending out this notice with much gratitude for the work that you have done in reporting the progress of the Ascension Event.

We are very pleased to say that the tide is turning.

We are almost to the level of Christ Consciousness needed to lift the veil, remove the barrier that has been holding the galactic family back.

At this current moment we have reached and gotten to the farthest of our mission in liberating Gaia and eliminating the illusion that has been holding all humans from fully awakening.

Brothers And Sisters And The Alternative Media

We have been picking up broadcasts of uncertainty that has been spreading worry and fear to the mass populations.

We understand that there are still…

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