Dreams Godwrite Themselves | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, here, take your pick of dreams. Exchange your dreams as you wish. Dreams are for you to dream. Go in the direction of your dreams, yet allow your dreams to take their own sweet time. Certainly, you may work hard at something you know, yet dreams are something you are to take a good look at and let go of. Dreams are not obligated to appear before you. You cannot demand them. By all means, let your dreams be free to fly. Allow your dreams the time they want to take to come true.

If one of your dreams is to Godwrite, you are already aware that you don’t whip the naturalness of Godwriting into submission. If Godwriting is a dream, you invite your dream lightly to you with a smile, yet you are not the deliverer of your dreams. You are not the commander of them…

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