Deep State Scrambling to Keep it Together [videos] ~ June 11, 2018


The Deep State has their back against a wall. They can be reckless now because if they don’t pull a rabbit out of a hat and stop the bleeding, they will never recover.

What’s really dangerous is the potential for their online shills to be found out. It they come out with blatant smear campaigns against patriots and the public doesn’t fall for it—the shills are left hanging out to dry—exposed for all to see. Their safety might even be at risk. So far they haven’t worried because they haven’t been targets.

The New World Order parties no longer control the actual financial system or all the big banks, the UN, the military, the White House, Congress, the Senate, and a growing number of countries are standing up to them and refusing to kow-tow.

Watching them “suicide” their own is still over the heads of the sleepwalking masses but it’s…

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