Culture Shifts: From ‘The Consomedamnthing’ to Mindful Citizenship

Sophia's Children

I wrote this post last Autumn and stowed it away in the Drafts folder to be rediscovered today. Seems as timely a topic as ever, so here it is …

“Researching her film, The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard discovered that of the materials flowing through the consumer economy, only 1% remain in use six months after sale. Even the goods we might have expected to hold onto are soon condemned to destruction through either planned obsolescence (breaking quickly) or perceived obsolescence (becoming unfashionable).” ~ George Monbiot, The Gift of Death

Mention the word ‘consumption’100 or more years ago — maybe less — and you’d have been referring to a ‘wasting disease’, later known as tuberculosis.

My grandmother used to called it ‘the consomedamnthing‘.

Black Friday shopping horde. Image courtesy of eBaum’s World.

Nowadays, we mention ‘consumption’and we’re talking about, well, consuming … pretty much everything…

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