Cat got your tongue…or is it Big Brother?

AIM Truth Bits


AIM4Truth master teachers point out the articles below for advanced students of the AIM4Truth one-room global schoolhouse. The audio above explains the deeper meaning of these articles.

Don’t get behind in your ‘citizen patriot lessons’. This is an information war and we need all first-tier media creators and patriots – around the world – to be educated and enlightened so that they can do the same for their audiences and circles of influence.

Remember what they say in air flight jargon: Put your own mask on FIRST before you help another.

US Staged a Coup in Ukraine — Brief History and Facts


Funding NGOs & stirring dissent: Russian special commission exposes election meddling by US


How Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company Infiltrated Yemen


Documents Show Private Intelligence Web Behind Global Surveillance Program


Former Cambridge Analytica workers say firm sent foreigners to advise U.S. campaigns

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