Waves of Change…Energy Update June 2018 ~ June 8, 2018


Woke up to an image of a gigantic wave about to come crashing down – it is symbolic and possibly literal. I asked for explanation – what came through was 3 different areas that will be affected 1) Love and Partnerships 2) Political – Canada / USA / Trade Wars / Trump & Trudeau & Brexit & Europe, Unity Consciousness 3) 5D Wave of Light.

There ARE other things that spirit are deliberately NOT SAYING on this video – I was surprised they didn’t come through – and I forgot to ask about Geophysical changes although I have asked about Earth Changes many other times…so this isn’t comprehensive but is what spirit wanted to talk about today.

Suspect much more will be delivered as and when we need to know things.

As I always say when politics is bought up people get heated – debate is one thing – but…

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