Telepathic Talk with Hatonn and AAJophiel for First Contact

Illuminations Now!!


Invocation for First Contact

I changed my desktop-view and from a multiblossom-flower-plant I am looking now on to some straight road in the middle of some desert going straight up to some huge sun rising over some mountains on the horizontal orbit of my eyes. It is all gold – yellow – and burnt-lightish- brown and whenever I switch on the pc this picture reminds me of our road of ascension and the light of AAJophiel who visited me once and englowed everything in me with his golden light!

Hatonn may I call you since there is such a great longing in my heart to talk with you and that beauty of Jophiel’s Light. As Ascension of mine proceeds on now I have had the clue that I never ever depict Angels again being of some human form and structure but solely being of light differing according to their…

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