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God said:

Beloved, today, let’s go beyond the argument that says: “Without suffering, joy would not be known.”

We could just turn this around, get past this and say: “Without joy, there would not be suffering.”

I do believe there can be enough joy for everyone to know joy well. In Heaven, this must be so. Surely, in Heaven there is no need to throw in suffering as an add-on. In Heaven, joy is firmly beheld. No dangers exist in Heaven. No fear. Without sense of danger and presumed fear, what remains is unremitting joy. All things are possible. Who needs fears, even tiny ones? Alas, the fear of loss on Earth has had a stranglehold on the world.

It could be that all the what ifs on Earth are what entrap My children. We do know that Earth is full of temporariness. Temporariness itself may be the inducer and…

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