Daily Astrology, June 8th 2018 ~ Release ~ June 8, 2018


This is of personal interest for me as I release old ideas and memories blocking my abundance. I AM now ready to manifest that which I feel! Please read, does this apply for you, and…


By Tanishka

The moon is moving through the final degrees of Pisces, the sign of endings – the last constellation in our journey around the cosmic mandala so many of you will have recognized what – in your journey has to be released, so you may spiral up to a new cycle rather than repeat the old again, like ‘Groundhog Day’.

The more we can let go, the greater the space for new opportunities to enter our lives, so if you’re still hanging on to a situation you’ve outgrown…which is upsetting your sensitivities & those of others around you, allow yourself to feel everything – so your feelings can guide you to take…

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