Shifting Waters Carry Fresh Energy

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Hello to new and old readers alike and welcome! I hope to hear from some of the new followers! Please say hi and let me know what’s happening with you.

I am grateful to have you on-board.

 I recently made a few changes to the blog’s look and theme.  I changed the tagline to ” Moving at the Speed of Lite”. It many sound familiar, because it is also the title of a post from a while back. Every so often the tagline feels stale so a few days ago I  unceremoniously came up with a one-liner that works.

I know my spirit is moving at least as fast as light, which we call “lite” here at the Chronicles. Many would agree with me that our planet is speeding up with massive over-stimulation and chaos. I prefer to highlight the joy, but ignoring the shadow is not doing the planet…

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CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “Amazing Tree Energy — How Trees Help Us Heal”

Awesome! I have spent my most healing moments walking through forests.

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Trees are the most spiritually advanced living beings on the Earth who are constantly in a meditative state and subtle energy is what they speak as a language.

Trees can help open your energy channel and help them reciprocate with healing their blockages. A relationship with the tree is a mutually beneficial one which needs to be nourished.

Healing Abilities Of A Tree

Taoist masters observe that trees not only have the power to convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen but they have the capacity to absorb any negative energy and convert into something useful. The trees are firmly rooted in the earth and the more firmly the trees are rooted into the earth, higher they reach the heavens above. Trees are the wisest absorbing the vital energies from the earth and universal forces from the higher dimensions.

Tree: Healer And Friend

As a spiritually advanced living being, they co-exist with…

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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “New Moon In Gemini, 13th June, 2018 – Guiding You Every Step Of The Way”

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Can you believe we are halfway through the  year?  

2018 is a year of awakenings, growth, and building. It is  year to start building the foundation for your dreams.

As we reach the halfway mark, we are going to be reminded of this, and reminded of just how far we have come on our journey.

Life is never linear, it is always ebbing and flowing, moving and shaking. It is forever changing, and we have to be willing to change along with it.

The June New Moon falls on the 13th in the sign of Gemini, and is a sacred point in the year, a time where we can really think about how our lives have changed, and what new things or journeys we are going to work towards.

It is a time to reflect on what has transpired and to think about what is next. No matter what life…

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The Hidden Truth in Science! ~ June 9, 2018


What IS consciousness? Science has decided that the brain does not produce consciousness, so what IS this curious phenomena? The video below (sent to me by my good friend J.)gives us information from Science that reveals the truth of consciousness…it is not a part, nor a portion, of the human body.

Rather, this awareness that is consciousness that arrives not from the intersection of neurons firing in our brains, but rather the soul…that nebulous force not found in the interstitial regions of our cellular matter, but yet inextricably tied tied to the health of it’s human host.

So…please watch this video, understand consciousness  is a collective spiritual force shared by All, know that every individual and collective force vibrates, and…


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SUSAN VIVYAN: “10 Points On The Ripple Effect Of Your Healing”

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Did you know that when healing support is received and assimilated in your energetic field, a ripple effect is created?

1. Know that your ability to reach out to others for healing in whatever format suits you (“conventional” or not, in person or via the internet) lifts you out of the darkness that has suppressed many.

2. You are able to assist others almost instantaneously and the energetic actions have a multidimensional effect on timelines you are not aware of at this moment in time.

3. Your ability to heal from the many wounds of the past (current & generational) elevates the vibration of others.

4. Keep up the work allowing growth and greater opportunities to manifest.

5. Time is an illusion. Know a greater plan may not be visible to you currently.

6. You are a warrior spirit. Do not be concerned if others do not share your perspective.


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Un-Erasing Women Who Knew: Gladys West and the Origins of Your G.P.S.

Sophia's Children

A lot of people use GPS to help them get to where they’re going, but how many know about  Gladys West, Ph.D., whose work was instrumental in creating GPS?

Dr. West, a mathematician born in 1930, was a member of the group of engineers that worked on and perfected the Global Positioning System in the 1950s and 1960s. Her mathematical contributions would prove integral to the accuracy and effectiveness of what we now know as GPS.

Lt. Gov of Virginia Justin Fairfax and Dr. Gladys West reconnecting, after she was honored by the state for her contributions to the GPS. EURWEB.

“She rose through the ranks, worked on the satellite geodesy (science that measures the size and shape of Earth) and contributed to the accuracy of GPS and the measurement of satellite data,” said Capt. Godfrey Weekes, a former officer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, in a…

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AK Reader: “Below the shouts of identity lies Love’s whisper.” (1999) —

For several months now I have been concentrating on finding and sharing old essays from the last thirty years or so, and then placing them into an archive I call AK Reader. This process of recapitulation of the past reverberates into daily life. Each tale has its own mood, which invades me again now —…

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