Revisiting a Culture-Shifting Rebel Who Inspired A LOT of People (You May Have Heard About Him)

Sophia's Children

I appreciated and enjoyed reading Robert Alan Rife’s InnerWoven post about a particular historical culture-shifter who:

• defied hatred with love,

• practiced inclusion and invitation rather than exclusion,

• annoyed the Powers That Be (of his time) by opposing misogyny, sexism, classism — through his words and example,

• role-modeled courageous, fierceness and humility,

… to note just a few role-modeled qualities that were the opposites of the culture back then.

The rebel-mystic-teacher that Robert writes abouthas been an inspiration of many, from both inside and out of the tradition that was inspired by his example. Mahatma Gandhi, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day … many, many others from a diversity of cultures and traditions over the centuries.

Defiance: Kicking Over the Money-Lender Tables, InnerWoven.

The strange (and unfortunate) thing is,even many within the tradition inspired by this counter-cultural rebel don’t seem — based…

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