Mystery Revealed? – Gethsemane Revelation – Djwhal Khul, 21st May 2018

The works of Alice Bailey are for serious seekers of Truth. I’m not recommending study with the Grace Alliance. That decision rests upon the conscience of the reader.

Elemental Grace Alliance

The Removal of Jesus the Christ Off the Cross.

As part of the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan, one of the Proposals that we have herein promised to Reveal and Execute for and on behalf of the whole of the Human Race here on Earth, and which this process is a step by step ‘forward movement’ that cannot be rushed and must be allowed to Reveal its calling in its own time, has today taken a new turn. Today Beloved Djwhal Khul has led us in an undeniable way, to an edict, a statement of declaration, at the best unseen to date. I say unseen for in Truth the Planetary alignments have done their work leading humankind to this point in time, when such ‘secret mysteries’ of the past can now be attained with new eyes!

DK, wrote in His Book through Alice Bailey ‘The Rays and Initiations’…

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