Your Manifester Isn’t Broken

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

The hard part of ‘becoming a manifester’ isn’t the obtaining of some magical alchemical highly-hidden esoteric ability.

It’s something much more mundane.

It’s the self responsibility to see and admit that you already are this manifester, just maybe not of the kinds of realities a part of you was hoping to manifest.

You already fully are the creator. You don’t need to work on that to get it going.

What you can work on is the willingness to assume response-ability for that reality.

What am I,…what are parts of me,… creating in my life as powerful manifestations….?

Why? When? How? With whom?

Make a full-on quest of these questions.

Add in a bunch of love from your Higher Self as you explore these parts of you. They hold your present manifestation power and creativity. If you bridge to them with your opening and curious heart, you can…

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