Shak’ta’i ~ They Who Remember

Contemplations of a Modern Mystic

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This is a rather odd post for me.  I won’t even pretend to understand everything I write about fully.  Many years ago (perhaps a decade or two) a word, sound or name kept appearing in my dreams and meditations.  Shaktai or “Shak’ta’i”.  I didn’t know if it was a name I was used (tried it a few times but didn’t feel right) or what exactly it was.  Several days ago (perhaps a week or two, I loose track of time on occasion) I finally, after many years had what I think is referred to as a lucid dream.  In this dream it was finally shown me (well I should say I finally understood) what Shak’ta’i meant.

The earth years can be estimated by science, but the history of earth and the souls that inhabit it, is different then what most…

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