Father El Morya ~ Christ Consciousness Entering Matter ~ June 7, 2018


By: Father El Morya

A being who is divine intelligence becomes a multi-dimensional, multi-universal multi-tasker. When we see the light and consistently focus on the light continuously, moment by moment, you gain the essence of the Light into the physical vessel. These are stages coming down from spirt, into the brain and then the body.  Of course, the brain interprets or reads the heart, (Mother GOD brings guidance into her heart and up to her brain 3 times in order to interpret her guidance).  The body is the vessel which allows your spirit to be in the physical experience. A balance of body, mind, and Spirit. Mother of all creation, father of all creation and the Holy Spirit. All One. The Trinity. 

It comes down to choice, chose love energy or chose pain & fear energy. It’s all a choice. Consistency is key. Stay in the heart. Love…

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