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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, Yes, I am the Doer, yet My interest is in you and in loving you. It is not My desire to circumvent you. What would I want control for? I am attuned to freedom. I offer Myself to you and have no desire to present boundaries to you or confine you in any way. I offer My love to you and not force. Yes, I am God Supreme. I urge you to take the bright golden brick road. I am first and foremost about your fulfillment along the lines of Self-realization. I ring the bells of freedom. To you I offer ultimate freedom. You have freedom to make choices.

Life may not always go by your preferences. Life doesn’t always go in the direction you most want. Everyone knows this by now. Manna comes from Heaven. Ah, the exercise of keeping and following your dreams is up…

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