ANGEL RELATIONSHIPS – Interview with Annette Bruchu – via The Edge – 6-1-18

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Annette Bruchu

Picture, if you will, a 4-year-old girl who is in the water at her swimming lesson. She knows that in order to pass the class, she must be able to swim out to the middle dock. But this girl, young Annette, didn’t have the encouragement or confidence to swim that far.

Enter divine intervention.

“I went under water and did not surface, and an angel lifted me up and the life guard had time to rescue me,” Annette said in an interview with The Edge. “That was my first (encounter with an angel) that I remember, though the connection has grown increasingly over time.”

Annette Bruchu lives in Stillwater, MN, where she runs her Helping You Heal Center and Grow Center. She is known for her aura photography, but she also teaches classes on how to develop your intuitive abilities and how to be a better healer.


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