Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities

Cosmic Composure

Article by Doug S. MA, MSW, LCSW

Disclosure Support attempts to help make sense of whole disclosure movement by bringing to bear a holistic model of discernment in the hopes of climbing high enough to get a clearer picture. I begin this article by stating an obvious thought, which I’m sure that you, dear reader, share: This disclosure business is hard, isn’t it?! 

There are so many confluences of backgrounds that are coming together in a loose-nit movement that discloses hidden things to a largely conventional world.  From the ground level, we get bombarded by different narratives, some of which seem contradictory to one another. People from different perspectives may say that other disclosure sources are of the cabal and trying to sew disinformation at best or physically, socially, and emotionally attacking others who don’t agree with their narratives.  From the outside looking in, it seems that some major figures…

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2 thoughts on “Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities

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