Christa Khilla Reeves – Multi – dimensional You – Timeline Traveler Extraordinaire – 3-29-18

Higher Density Blog

Christa Khilla Reeves 

Over the course of our lifetime, we have seen the field of Quantum physics grow exponentially pushing us to the very limits of Classical Physics and beyond. The multidimensional aspects of our existence, that this field of study brings to light, are quite eye-opening and mind-boggling. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, it is very likely that we have been multidimensional beings since birth. While it may seem a little far-fetched for some, we may have not only possessed this ability, but also have been utilizing it to change, merge and collapse timelines the entirety of our lives. It feels as though we are currently at the precipice of one of the most exciting times to be alive.  As always, please take what resonates for you, the in-divide-dual, and leave the rest.

By now, I know many are aware and have heard of the…

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