Decoding the Trump Tweets Exposes Massive Internet Censorship

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Jun 5, 2018 08:55:59 AM – Terrific new book out by the wonderful Harris Faulkner, “9 Rules of Engagement.” Harris shares lessons from a military family. Enjoy!

Jun 5, 2018 08:49:56 AM – Senator @RogerWicker of Mississippi has done everything necessary to Make America Great Again! Get out and vote for Roger, he has my total support!

Jun 5, 2018 08:44:18 AM – Vote for Congressman Devin Nunes, a true American Patriot the likes of which we rarely see in our modern day world….he truly loves our country and deserves everyone’s support!

Jun 5, 2018 08:09:59 AM – Get the vote out in California today for Rep. Kevin McCarthy and all of the great GOP candidates for Congress. Keep our country out of the hands of High Tax, High Crime Nancy Pelosi.

Jun 5, 2018 08:02:33 AM – In High Tax, High Crime…

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Julian Rose, on Israel and Palestine: Is healing possible? —

Perhaps. If a conversation that then young Julian Rose held with a wise Tel Aviv elder decades ago can be picked up now, twirled into vibrant aliveness, and spread into the multiverse. “He said that the word Israel, in the original Hebrew, means ‘to strive with God’ and that this has been covered-up by the…

via Julian Rose, on Israel and Palestine: Is healing possible? —

This could be the first Q BOOM… 6-4-18… “In Latest Privacy Scandal, Facebook Gave Apple, Amazon And Others Unprecedented Access To User Data” & “”

Open Systems and Levels of Development in Disclosure Communities

Cosmic Composure

Article by Doug S. MA, MSW, LCSW

Disclosure Support attempts to help make sense of whole disclosure movement by bringing to bear a holistic model of discernment in the hopes of climbing high enough to get a clearer picture. I begin this article by stating an obvious thought, which I’m sure that you, dear reader, share: This disclosure business is hard, isn’t it?! 

There are so many confluences of backgrounds that are coming together in a loose-nit movement that discloses hidden things to a largely conventional world.  From the ground level, we get bombarded by different narratives, some of which seem contradictory to one another. People from different perspectives may say that other disclosure sources are of the cabal and trying to sew disinformation at best or physically, socially, and emotionally attacking others who don’t agree with their narratives.  From the outside looking in, it seems that some major figures…

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HUMANS ARE FREE: “20 Signs Your Soul Is Getting Quantum Upgrades”

Ascension Avatar

Lightworkers, volunteers, and earth warriors have to embrace, activate and integrate these upgrades. They have to march on, be themselves, embody their truth and unite as one.

If you experience any of these 20 signs your soul is getting necessary Quantum Upgrades so you can become the Lightworker you were meant to be.

1. You connect to intense highs of lighter frequencies. You have floating and flying sensations, as well as blissful rushes of love.

2. You have energetic healing upgrades. You see this in lucid dreaming and astral projection.

3. You see through politics. You have a deep perception of the link between corporate politics, pharmaceutical, and drug and arms industry.

4. You are overly sensitive to the energy around you.

5. You breath deeper and slower, into the solar, sacral and root chakras. You flex your muscles as the chi energy is drawn into your being.

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ALEXANDER PAPAGEORGHIOU: “How To Be A REAL Man In 5D — The New Masculinity”

Ascension Avatar

“In this new age we speak of truth, of the veil lifting and whatever is being left is what was always there. Whatever man one is today, and I speak as a man who has gone full circle on this issue, he was once a boy, he cried, he feared, and he was comforted by a woman who shielded him from harm, who loved him, and taught him she would be there if he ever needed her, his mother. That same boy never went away. He lives in every man.”

~Alexander Papageorghiou

Throughout our lives in the Third Dimension, we have gotten to know a monosyllabic, rugged, brutal, and often cold side of masculinity which has stayed engraved in us. It has become synonymous with our heroes, on the silver screen, in sports, and in our personal lives. 3D Man has been extolled for, or expected to be strong, unwavering…

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4 Mistakes People Make When Going Vegan

Laura Bruno's Blog

Whether you’ve read PETA literature, seen the Alicia Silverstone commercial, or just want to lose weight—going vegan seems like a healthy, earth-friendly choice. Indeed, this animal-free diet and lifestyle features zero cholesterol and 1/20th or less the field growing space required for beef. Since heart disease ranks as the number one killer in the U.S., and our demand for cattle contributes highly to destruction of the rainforest, a vegan diet makes sense. Unfortunately, some people jump right in without much knowledge and soon find themselves living less than optimally. This article lists the top four mistakes people make when going vegan—and offers ways to make a smart transition.

1) The “Fake Meat” and Potatoes Syndrome:

With Tofurky Brats, Tofu Pups, dozens of veggie burger styles, Chik’n and even BBQ Riblets in supermarket freezers, anyone can substitute a meat analog for meat and serve a Standard American Diet dinner with soy…

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Medical Intuitive and Personal Thoughts on Healthy Skin and High Vibe Living

Laura Bruno's Blog

Becky Symes at Holistica-Skin originally contacted me about my 2009 article “Healthy Skin: A Medical Intuitive Perspective.” She asked me to do a follow-up interview for her own blog and just published that here. The interview includes additional insights into skin, as well as my current and evolving skin and lifestyle practices.

One note: if you click the Website button after my interview, it brings you back to my blog. If you click Instagram or Facebook it takes you to some other pages that are not mine, since I don’t use social media. Just letting you know that I’m not secretly running or endorsing a skincare company. In any case, you can find the 2018 interview by clicking here.

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