Why FDA Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances ~ June 3, 2018

Bottom line – it’s about money and control.


Anyone wonder why we are all sick with something or the other? Bad food,bad air, bad water…and the list goes on! This article proves to me just why we are sick…EVERYTHING is processed to remove vital nutrients needed by our body to stay healthy.

Why? Let’s think about a sick population which is (1) Controlled more easily as as sick body is not able to think , or act against an undefined enemy, (2) paying Big Pharma to “cure” them with poisonous cures that will cause even more body function breakdown when “curative” drug, or medication is used, and (3) dying at an alarming rate which IS the ultimate goal of the cabal/Illuminati/dark force clan.

So… be certain to avoid processed food when possible, eat your veggies like Mom told you to do, use natural cures which ARE are more effective than current meds, and…



by Thinker


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