Detachment and Renewal

Reflections of Riverman

Detachment and Renewal.png

The Gift of Detachment is Renewal…
Oh how strange it is to keep this process from overwhelming us as we continue to unravel our lifespans.
I think We can each agree that we are all experiencing some level of transformation right now, whether it is external or internal and that it is the internal that We need be more concerned with.

SHEDDING OUR SKIN was the heading of a paragraph in an article about the Full Moon in Sagittarius written by Simon & Jennifer and the question at the end of the segment was…
“Ask yourself: How can you begin to define yourself from the inside out in a way that truly supports your ongoing process of healing?”

And as I prepared for my talk here is what appeared when I went looking for quotes that might resonate…
Clifton-Anderson-Quote-We-must-let-go-of-those-.jpgSo here are the links to the show…

Detachment and Renewal –…

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