BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,BOOM ~ June 3, 2018


Hello my friends,

Hmm…could the latest “Q” post of “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM” pertain to not only political upheaval, but also a spiritual upheaval for Planet Earth? And by spiritual upheaval, I mean the release of negative energies as perceived by the shift of tectonic plates on Earth.

My goodness, this will/is resulting in an increase of volcanic and activity. Let’s take a look and put some pieces together and explore the science behind this global situation.

Remember…there is no place to hide from the release of energies from Mother Earth at this time. So…look into your heart, know the goodness of Who You Are, buckle up, and…


Okay, so the increase in energies from the solar wind speed (due to the failing geo-magnetic fields on Earth) are heating up the mantle of Earth…think Hawaii over the “hot-spot” in the Earth’;s mantle.

The video above by Dutchsince shows an increase…

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