BREAKING & Being Censored: Child Sex Trafficking Camp in Arizona Tied to Clintons & Rothchilds UPDATE 1 [videos] ~ June 4, 2018


This information is from Starship Earth and refers to a posting that was posted on roserambles late last night, but this report is more tangible. Please read this report, check out the links, know the depth of evil in our world, and…



BREAKING & Being Censored: Child Sex Trafficking Camp in Arizona Tied to Clintons & Rothchilds UPDATE 1

Many additional tidbits and links below the fold.


Tucson Police say they have no evidence of human trafficking at bunker near I19 and Valencia

Veterans on Patrol Uncover #ChildTrafficking Network in #Tucson! #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren

Phi Beta Iota: Second link above is vital reading.  Graves, boxes of toys, and more — and the police say this is not evidence?  Strongly recommend complete reading of second link above — ties everything together.


Joachim Hagopian: Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State UPDATE 21 Chapter 17

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The Forces of Reconstruction with the Festival of Humanity ~ Full Moon May 29th, 2018 Festival of Lights ~ Master Djwhal Khul

Journey of Illumination


Ascension Mastery Message for the Festival of Humanity-Goodwill, Full Moon of Sagittarius in Sun of Gemini for May 29th, 2018. Channeled transmission by Rev. Christine Meleriessee of Walking Terra Christa.

We have now arrived into the movement of the Festival of Humanity-Goodwill which falls in Sagittarius within the sun of Gemini. This occurred on May 29th, 2018 at 7:20 AM Pacific, 10:20 AM Eastern, and 14:20 GMT.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote for this Celestial Energy:


We are now in the cycle of the Festival of Humanity or Goodwill which means that the ascension energies we have experienced through the Festivals of the Christ and Wesak now become a direct focus in our physical walk upon the Earth. It represents the 

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The Windsors – Not Our Friend


American Intelligence Media

We are counting on YOU – the new voice of media – to carry these messages across the globe to help our brothers and sisters awaken from their hundred year slumber under British Tavistock mind control. This includes fellow patriots in Britain who are being terrorized by the British Monarchy.

The Queen needs to be uncovered from her gilded spider-hole at Windsor Castle. She need to release immediately the Crown’s political prisoners – Tommy Robinson, Julian Assange, and any other truth speaker who has been thrown into her one of her dungeons.


She and her Privy Council meddled in our U.S. elections. We have the proof and now claim her ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES. We continue to gather indictable evidence that shows the British Monarchy is an enemy of all of humanity.

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Twin Soul Energy Report..6.6 Portal many Karmic Agreements finilizing…


Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this eternal moment of your time with an important message regarding the current energetics that are subsuming Gaia.

The Earth and all her inhabitants are rapidly colliding with the summer solstice portal of 2018 with the 6:6 portal in the middle. This portal is set to activate the largest galactic dispensation of gamma ray particles that the Earth plane has ever witnessed. This bombardement of photonic light particles is set to perpetually increase in intensity until the time of the great rapture which is aligning in this great year of 2018.

If all on this twin soul Ascension Path remember that “I am whole and complete” “I am sovereign” “I am home” “My sanctuary is within me, and in my union to God, and my relationships are a reflection and celebration of my primary relationship with the Divine.

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MATEO SOL: “5 Things Every Sensitive Man Should Know”

Ascension Avatar

If you have grown up as a male in our society you’ve been taught one very clear message: emotions are a weakness, big boys don’t cry.

Being “strong” means you have to be forceful, aggressive, competitive and largely unemotional. If for some reason you are born sensitive, cooperative and compassionate, you are perceived as “weak,” “effeminate” or “weird.”

Throughout history, men have gained their identity, peer respect and self-worth through status, sexual prowess and money all of which contributed to their sense of power. In a physically demanding hunter-gatherer and agricultural world, men had to be the warriors that shouldered the responsibility of providing for their families. But now as women have become more independent with our society shifting to value mental labor over physical labor, men are struggling to let go of their old warrior habits and role dynamics.

However, regardless…

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Benjamin Fulford 6-4-18… “Takedown of Israel may be imminent as NATO withdraws protection”

Use discernment…but WOW!

Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben. More planet-shaking news here. Perhaps reflected by the 500 earthquakes that shook Kilauea yesterday.

“Tectonic shifts in the geopolitical landscape continue at a dizzying pace around the world as the satanic Khazarian mob is being systematically removed from all world power centers, multiple sources agree. The situation has proceeded so far that the Khazarian big Kahuna, Israel, may soon be liberated from the satanists… top satanist leader Benjamin Netanyahu, like his predecessor Adolf Hitler, is now holed up in a bunker as he prepares for his inevitable defeat.

“This public denouncement of Israel comes as Saudi Arabia prepares to announce Mutaib bin Abdullah as its new ruler, replacing Zionist stooge Bin Salman… it means control of the Saudi oil, the mainstay of the petrodollar, has fallen out of Zionist hands…

“According to [another Pentagon] source, the military backers of the Trump regime are considering giving…

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Bending Time to Rest

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s June 1, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at    Even though the antics of 3D power mongers may be frightening, they won’t be in power much longer. For as they attempt to maintain their 3D power, they are becoming more radical. An economic collapse isn’t in the earth’s future because more know that money is energy, not a power source – a frightening concept for power mongers – for if power can’t be maintained through 3D antics and money, who are they? 

“Why Hoard it or Give it Away?” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Even though we, of the Universes, request that you rest, many of you believe a day or even an hour…

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CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “How To Keep Your Cosmic Magic In Check”

Ascension Avatar

It is not easy being spiritual in a world which is so obsessed with hate and hurt. How is one supposed to keep their vibrations high when everyday so many things happen to make them feel frustrated and angry?

It can be a continuous struggle to try and be compassionate even on a daily basis. And that is just the natural state of things. What is one supposed to do on days when they are personally attacked? It is so tempting to be vengeful and angry.

And yet, you know better. You know that you shouldn’t let it all get to you. So how do you stop yourself from projecting your hurt onto others? How do you hold on to your compassion when everyday you get a million reasons not to?

Here are a few things which might help:

1. Make a resolution that you will not let mean people…

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Purging And Dissolving Of The/Your 3D-4D Trauma Emotional Body Grid

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

Woundings from traumas do form a kind of grid over Gaia and they have a magnetic pull of their own. We could call this the “3D-4D Emotional Body Trauma” Grid. It has a rather dark, deep, and powerful energy with layers and layers to it. This is on the collective level as viewed from a ‘higher’ vantage point as you start to arise above it through transmuting/healing your emotional body to a higher frequency. I was shown it from this perspective by my Star Family recently when I asked to understand more about what was going on collectively in terms of trauma purging/clearing of especially sexual abuse trauma that also may connect to each of us on an individual, experiencial level.

This Emotional Body Grid is porous, more like a vapor cloud than anything more dense than that. Because it is porous that also means that it…

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