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Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, My Beloved, on occasion, you may hold out belief in something to refuel your Soul. In all innocence, you may be mixing up ego with Soul. Ego presence may give you a temporary boost, yet ego will inevitably leave you high and dry. Ego is not your foundation. You cannot rely on ego. You must know by now that ego is a fair-weather friend. Actually, ego isn’t any kind of friend at all. Ego is a con artist. Ego is a spoof. Ego promises to marry you, yet you can be sure that ego won’t show up on time. In this, you can rely on ego. This is the way of ego. Sooner or later, ego will not deliver. Ego is good at disappointing you. Ego may enjoy having the last laugh. Ego is talented in making promises. Even if ego could fulfill his promises, he chooses…

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