T-Decodes Expose the Queen

T-Decodes Expose the Queen

American Intelligence Media

Betsy and Thomas review Trump Tweets of June 3, 2018. Trump tweets point to a discussion of Paul Manafort and trade wars…but B&T show you that all roads lead to Lizzie. Follow along at this link which is also very easy to pass along in your social media network. https://truthbits.blog/2018/06/03/dec…

Having everything, needing nothing

Love's beginning

[Y]ou come to look at your beloved, if you are in relationship, and say: […] This being can never fulfill me.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

We thought you might like to know that you have no needs. Isn’t that nice? We say this intentionally knowing that we’re going to trigger you at exactly those points where you’re ready for release. We love how trigger has become a popular reference in your culture. What a perfect way to shine a light on reactivity!

You receive so much, so easily, and you never need anything from anybody. Take a look at the subtle or overt ways in which you weave neediness into your relationships. Are there ways in which you think you couldn’t do without any particular thing? Any particular person? What do you actually need from anyone else? Whenever you…

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The Road of Life

Reflections of Riverman

Road Of Life.jpg

There are moments in which I AM truly moved by the energies which are unfolding both within and around us.

That unfolding is actually the essence of all that we are… life forms which are consciously aware of their existence in a physicality.

How beautiful We truly are when we surrender to the Eternal Truth of our Presence of Light.

May each of you receive the Golden Messages which fill you with Joy and Peace when you least expect it.

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman

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Arcturian Group Message June 3, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com

Rainbow Wave of Light


                                     JUNE 3, 2018

Dear ones, with love and great respect we offer assistance to your evolutionary journey with the intention of bringing hope and enlightenment to all who seek it.
We see a  great deal of change taking place on earth although you are unable to see it as we do.  Energies of Light continue to intensify as more individuals awaken and begin to comprehend truths previously unavailable to them simply because they were not open or receptive.  There is a great deal of assistance available to anyone requesting it, but you must ask.
Many  previously closed to change or new ways of seeing and believing are now opening to the idea that there may be better ways of doing things as many accepted beliefs, concepts, laws, simply no longer…

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Ego Unveiled | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, My Beloved, on occasion, you may hold out belief in something to refuel your Soul. In all innocence, you may be mixing up ego with Soul. Ego presence may give you a temporary boost, yet ego will inevitably leave you high and dry. Ego is not your foundation. You cannot rely on ego. You must know by now that ego is a fair-weather friend. Actually, ego isn’t any kind of friend at all. Ego is a con artist. Ego is a spoof. Ego promises to marry you, yet you can be sure that ego won’t show up on time. In this, you can rely on ego. This is the way of ego. Sooner or later, ego will not deliver. Ego is good at disappointing you. Ego may enjoy having the last laugh. Ego is talented in making promises. Even if ego could fulfill his promises, he chooses…

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THE LATEST ENERGY UPDATE FROM ADAMA OF TELOS – Energy Update – 6-2-18 – amparo alvarez @ Ashtar Command Crew

Higher Density Blog

Image result for Adama of Telos

Adama of Telos:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

In the sacredness of your heart lies the Creator force, which constantly is expressing itself into your reality.

Within you is what you call “The Spark of God/Source.”
When you feel love, joy, peace, harmony, elation, creativity and so forth, you are more aware of it.
When you feel less than these feelings you are less aware of it.
The more you are tuning into the Source energies within your heart, the more you are able to experience a magnificent expansion of the higher dimensional reality.
It is the driving force for all life.
It will allow you to defy all old concepts and programming about your entire existence and instead, reach the higher dimensions of pure…

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Receive Our Support ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have continued to offer you the support that you have been requiring, and we are very happy to see how you utilize that support to take you to the next step on your evolutionary journey. You have so much support from all across the galaxy and from every imaginable dimension, but if you do not receive that support, acknowledge it, and do something with it, then you don’t get the full benefit of the support that is being offered.

There is a spectrum on which every single person falls, and that spectrum runs from the extreme of very egoically doing everything yourself so that you can get all of the credit and praise to the being who says ‘I cannot do anything at all, and I need you to do it all for me.’…

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