MELANIA – Archangel Michael’s Guidance for Right Here and Now – 5 Signs Archangel Michael Is With You – 6-1-18 – by amparo alvarez – via Ashtar Command Crew

Archangel Michael is here to assist and protect all those who called out to him. And he will respond.

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“New possibilities are aligning for you. Remember that love, presence, and staying positive helps you to align.

Your being fully present in the moment positively infuses your future with light and with the power of consciousness.

Remember that indeed, ascension is happening in your personal experience and on the planet.

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And so do not dwell on what has been, for everything now is in a state of flux and change…

The past and what you have been is simply that, past. It is done. Let it go. Let go of the good, let go of the bad, let go of the mediocre, and allow yourself to fully be here and now.

You are in the process of realigning with the highest divine path, plan and blueprint for your life.

And you have truly incredible support available to you from the realm of…

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